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Dance-Off Ends In Broken Teeth and Felony Charges

January 24, 2017

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Challenging your peers to a dance-off may seem relatively harmless, but things can easily take a turn for the worse. Former Basketball Player Shaq Johnson found that out the hard way on August 31. Johnson, 20, reportedly punched Hampden Sydney College student Aaron Doman in the jaw shortly after engaging him in an impromptu dance competition. Thanks to the swing, Doman is missing several teeth and Johnson may face felony charges.

Know Your Tooth Repair Options

Like Doman, patients under 65 typically experience tooth loss owing to accidents, injury, or trauma. The prospect of having dentures at such a young age can be pretty uninviting. Luckily, thanks to the best cosmetic dentistry and emergency dentists, today’s patients can leave local dentist offices with new dental devices that look and feel like natural teeth.

Patients can choose between two of the most popular and convenient options. Porcelain veneers straighten and whiten teeth, making them the perfect option for fixing broken teeth, chipped teeth, and other imperfections. Veneers offer more than just aesthetic appeal; some also provide another layer of protection, strengthening tooth enamel, making teeth less sensitive, and ultimately preventing bacteria buildup and tooth decay. With responsible brushing and flossing, porcelain veneers will easily last 10 years. Emergency dentists can also install partial or full dental implants, or metal alloy dental devices that function exactly like natural teeth and can last up to a lifetime, with proper maintenance.

You Don’t Have To Go Back To Square One

Of course, if you already have dentures, you may not necessarily want to sink money into even more dental procedures. You don’t necessarily have to start from scratch. If you have dentures as the result of an accident, and you’re looking to improve them, or improve your look — you’re in luck. Implant supported dentures use existing dentures, cost less, and prevent false teeth from slipping around or scraping your mouth.

Dancers beware: any competitions or sports can leave you with a missing tooth or even a mouthful of missing teeth, if you are not careful. Carefully practice sports, and — if you do need some tooth repair — emergency dentists can help you choose the best dental device for your needs.

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