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Andrew Dine, DDS Blog

Is a Dental Savings Plan Right For Me?

April 10, 2021

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a clipboard that reads “Dental Savings Plan” with a pen and other objects nearby

Does your employer offer health insurance but not dental? Do you need preventive care but are unsure how you will pay for it? Are you worried your oral health will decline because you have no way of paying for the treatment you need? These are common questions many individuals ask when faced with the reality of being uninsured. Fortunately, many dental professionals are recognizing the need for an alternative solution and offering a dental savings plan. Read on to find out if this type of payment option is what you need to take care of your smile.


How You Should Be Celebrating National Dentist’s Day?

March 1, 2021

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Dentist wearing mask

National Dentist’s Day is coming up pretty soon. If March 6th isn’t labeled in your calendar already, now is a great time for you to scribble it in. While it may sound like a strange holiday to put on your calendar, it is worth it to take a minute to think about why it is being acknowledged by so many people. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about National Dentist’s Day and why you should be celebrating it.


Rewards Program Newsletter

February 19, 2021

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As a dental practice, we’re incredibly proud, honored, and lucky to receive a majority of our new patients from referrals. Your referral is truly the highest compliment we could ever get, which is exactly why we’re excited to announce our new referral program in this month’s newsletter!


Don’t Put Off Visits/COVID-19 Safety Newsletter

January 29, 2021

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The pandemic has only continued to affect the way we live our day-to-day lives, despite the development and distribution of a vaccine. While a vaccine being available is good news, we understand if people may feel hesitant about visiting our office for care.


Be The Early Bird At the Dentist This Year

January 25, 2021

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man scheduling dental checkup in fairfield

If you’re like many others, you’re probably wondering how the first month of the new year is already almost past. The reality is, it’s only going to speed up for the remainder of the year. Before you get too busy, it’s important to make time for your smile. On top of getting ahead of potential issues with preventive care, you can also maximize your dental insurance benefits by seeing your dentist early in the year. Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t wait any longer to schedule your next dental checkup in Fairfield.


A Root Canal Procedure With A Personal Touch [video]

January 30, 2017

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Nadine Gottinger didn’t know what to expect when she had a root canal treatment. She learned that it wasn’t bad at all.

She also learned a few things about Andrew Dine, DDS, and patient care at our dentist office in Fairfield, OH. It’s the personal touches that let her know that she isn’t just a number here. She is a person who matters to us.

Whether you need a root canal or any of our other services, we want you to feel special when you visit our office. Call 513‑823‑2575 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment.

Dental Veneers: Bringing Great Smiles Together [infographic]

January 26, 2017

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Do you want whiter teeth? Ask about dental veneers.

Do you want your teeth to look straighter? Ask about dental veneers.

Do you want your chipped or worn down teeth to look whole again? Ask about dental veneers.

At our dentist office in Fairfield, OH, Andrew Dine, DDS, uses veneers as a standard part of cosmetic dentistry. Veneers can do a lot of things, and they are durable, too. That means you can create a better smile that will last for years to come.

Call 513‑823‑2575 or contact us online if you would like to find out if you are a good candidate for dental veneers.

What Causes Bad Breath?

January 24, 2017

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Bad breath simply isn’t very pleasant. It can ruin dates, and turn routine social gatherings into an embarrassing situation.

You may try and avoid these unpleasantness by purchasing a bottle of mouthwash to discreetly use. But what you may not know is that mouthwash does not actually treat many of the causes of bad breath. To be sure, it can act as a mask for bad breath, but it doesn’t treat tooth decay or chronic dry mouth.

In today’s blog post from the office of Andrew Dine, DDS, in Fairfield, OH, we’re both going to explain the root causes of bad breath, and give you tips on freshening your breath without mouthwash.

Sometimes Food Causes Bad Breath

Which foods do you suspect are causing you to have bad breath? For most people, the list begins with garlic and ends with onions. But what you may not realize is that all foods you eat can cause you to have bad breath. That includes everything from bagels to pizza rolls to hamburgers.

As you eat, food clings to teeth as you chew. Even after you swallow a bite of food, microscopic particles of it remain on your teeth and it the crevices of your mouth. All of this food attracts bacteria. Over the long-run, this bacteria can eat away the enamel of your teeth can cause decay. In the short-run, this bacteria can sour your breath.

All the food you eat attracts bacteria. But which foods attract the most bacteria? The answer isn’t surprising, as it’s the same foods which promote tooth decay. Namely, sugared foods. Sugar is not just in your Halloween candy, and it’s just not in your can of soda. High carbohydrate foods, which range from bread to pasta, are also filled with sugar.

But it’s not always easy to avoid the foods you love. One get thing you can do to prevent bad breath is to brush after every meal. If you just can’t get to a toothbrush, even rinsing your mouth out with water can be a big help.

Sometimes Dry Mouth Causes Bad Breath

Having a dry mouth is a sure-fire way to also have bad breath. When your mouth is fully hydrated, it’s full of saliva. This saliva helps remove odor-filled bacteria from your mouth, leaving you at a lower risk for bad breath and tooth decay. Take away this saliva, and you’re left with terrible breath.

If you breath through your mouth during your daily exercise, you may suffer from dry mouth. Regularly breathing out of your mouth for any reason evaporates saliva from your mouth. Smoking cigarettes or using an e-cigarette can also leave your mouth dry, as can taking different medications.

No matter what is causing your dry mouth, there’s one step you should always take to correct it. Drink water. Water is the most effective way to rehydrate your whole body, including your mouth. Water is also useful for rinsing away existing bacteria from your mouth, without leaving the additional bacteria left by sugared drinks.

You may even want to consider drinking tap water. The vast-majority of public supplies of water contain trace amounts of fluoride. Fluoride is an excellent tool for preventing tooth decay and strengthening your teeth.

You can also chew sugar-free gum in between meals to prevent dry mouth. Sugar-free gum helps prevent snacking, and also increases the flow of saliva around your mouth.

Sometimes Tooth Decay and Oral Diseases Cause Bad Breath

Unfortunately, more than just food and dry mouth cause bad breath. If you suffer from bad breath multiple times a month, you should schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. Tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer are all potentially causes of your bad breath.

Tooth decay happens whenever deposits of tartar and plaque buildup on your enamel. These deposits both give off an odor, and dissolve away your enamel. This can leave you with painful cavities, in addition to bad breath.

The only effective way to remove tartar deposits is through a teeth cleaning. Brushing and flossing alone won’t cut it. By getting your teeth cleaned every six months, you can prevent tooth decay and keep your breath smelling fresh.

It’s also important to be screened for oral cancer and gum disease, as these are other potential causes of bad breath. These diseases are easily treatable when detected early, which is why we screen for them during every dental exam.

Get on the road to fresh breath. Click here to schedule an appointment with the office of Andrew Dine, DDS, in Fairfield, OH.

Your Guide to Dental Emergencies in Fairfield, OH

You never know when an emergency of any type will strike. After all, that’s why it’s called an emergency! If you could ever really prepare, emergencies wouldn’t happen! When you have an emergency with your tooth here in Fairfield, OH, do you know where to go or what to do?

It can be overwhelming. Chances are pretty great that you aren’t going to find what you need in your classic first aid kit, which is why we want to make sure you have an excellent guide to help you know what to do in the event of a dental emergency!

We’ll begin by talking about what exactly makes an emergency an emergency. Then, we’ll makes sure you know what to do when the pain strikes. Finally, we will talk about the things you need to keep in your home so that you are prepared should anything happen to your smile! Let’s get started!

What Makes Something a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is anything that affects the function of your teeth. In other words, if you can’t chew, speak, or go through your day to day without complaining about your tooth/teeth, then it is a dental emergency! You need to be seen right away, and we can help make that happen right here at Andrew Dine, DDS. You’ll want to go ahead and begin caring for your teeth immediately, so let’s talk about what to do in specific dental emergencies.

What do I do When…

… I wake up in excruciating pain?

If you wake up or suddenly feel excruciating pain in one or more of your teeth, it is a sign that something is definitely wrong! Call us right away to schedule your appointment. Go ahead and take some over-the-counter pain relievers to make yourself more comfortable. You might also try a salt-water rinse to ease the discomfort surrounding your tooth.

… My dental appliance breaks or falls out?

We use dental appliances a lot to help you have a full set of functioning teeth. However, those appliances can sometimes break or fail. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than feeling a structure in your mouth fall out! You can use a temporary adhesive to replace the appliance until you can arrive at the office to have it permanently repaired.

… My tooth breaks or is knocked out?

Maybe the most terrifying emergency is a broken or knocked-out tooth. In this situation, it is important that you collect and gently rinse all of the pieces of your tooth. You can place it in some milk or just stick it in your cheek until you can get to the office for repair.

Build a Kit to Be Prepared!

As you can see, dental emergencies are quite a bit different from what we can handle with our first aid kit! There are a few handy tools in that kit, but you might need to purchase a few items to make your kit more helpful for dental emergencies. Let’s take a look at some of those items and how you might use them in the heat of the emergency!

  • Gauze

    When a tooth comes out or punctures the soft tissues of your gums, lips, or tongue, you can expect there to be quite a mess. Gauze is a great way to get that stopped as you make your way to the office.

  • Tweezers

    When collecting pieces of a tooth, it is important that you handle it as little as possible. Tweezers help you gather those little pieces and get them safely into a container of milk or saliva.

  • Fast-acting pain relievers

    There is no reason for you to stay in pain longer! A fast-acting pain reliever will give you some quick relief as you make your way to the office.

  • Small sealable container

    Remember when we talked about putting a broken tooth in milk or saliva? A small, sealable container can be just the ticket! Keep one handy in your first aid kit.

  • Temporary adhesive

    Purchase a small tube of denture adhesive or temporary crown adhesive from your drugstore. You can use this in the event of a broken or loose dental appliance to keep the piece on your tooth until it can be replaced permanently.

Contact us Right Away!

In the event of a dental emergency, you need to contact us right away! We are here and ready for whatever you might bring our way, so don’t hesitate to call as soon as you notice a problem!

Prepare for Your Big Day With Sinsational Whitening

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When you look back at old photos of the biggest events of your life, you want to see a look that is confident and happy, but you also want to look good! We hate looking back at photos where our fashion or hair is not at all what we would have liked it to be. We get embarrassed by how we used to look. Don’t let your smile be the source of your discontent when you are looking back at photos from your next big event. Whether it is a wedding, reunion, or big party, make sure you have a stunning smile for all the photos with Sinsational Whitening.

Patients come to us with all sorts of whitening woes. Some patients are in need of a series of whitening treatments, while others just need a touchup. You know what you would like to see for your smile, and it’s important that you let us know, too! We offer Sinsational Whitening in the office for 20 minute sessions, and we can also send you home with an at-home whitening pen to touch up your whitening from home!

Keep Your Smile Bright

Having a white smile begins at home. Even after you have whitening, your teeth are susceptible to stains. Beverages such as soda, tea, coffee, and wine are known for causing stains on your teeth. Whenever possible, drink through a straw or drink these beverages while you eat so that the food can brush leftover liquid from your teeth. Tomato sauce is another source of tooth stains that you can avoid or take precautions while eating.

Do what you can to keep your smile white, but when you are preparing for your big day, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you get the smile of your dreams in the least amount of time! Contact us today to set up an appointment, and let us know what you’d like to see happen for your smile!

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